Oscar decided I was his at four months old. He's been with us since 96
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Willie started  this off in 1993.  He rules the roost. Just ask him.
Luv joined us in 1997. he is our clown and talks our ears off..
Dusty was our second bird. David saw him at 9 days old and fell in love.

   Dusty showing how beautiful he is.        

Three month old maxi,s playing peekaboo around the curtains.
.Luv and Sidney sharing play time with mom. Sid and Dusty both joined us in the spring of 1994.
Three week old baby quaker.



Dusty and Sid discussing who get cuddles first.
Willie getting the hard-to reach spots.
Luv doing the same
Shelley's Birds
Hand Fed Baby Parrots From Our Home
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